How to prepopulate fields in optin forms

If you are passing through name and email you need to use a string such as:[mergefield]&op_name=[mergefield]

Pre Populating Custom Fields (a bit more advanced):

Once you have your opt-in form fully created with the custom fields, you'll need to view the code by inspecting the element. In Chrome, just right click and select "inspect element" and you'll see something like this:

In the image above you can see a sample of the code. What we are looking for is the name="" part of the code for the input field you need to prepopulate. In this case, it is "PHONE1"

To prepopulate the "PHONE1" field, you would simple add the following to the URL that you are creating to prepopulate the name/email.


So the URL so far in this case would be:[mergefield]&op_name=[mergefield]&op_phone1=[mergefield]

NOTE: Hidden fields in OP2 opt-in forms can not be pre-populated.

Prepopulating fields for Infusionsoft

For Infusionsoft you should use "op_inf_field_firstname" needs to be used, and for the email field "op_inf_field_email".

You should also still be able to use custom fields but instead of op_phone1 you would use op_inf_field_phone1

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