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How to create multiple blogs on your OptimizePress 2.0 site

By default, WordPress as well as OptimizePress 2.0 do not support multiple blogs in a single WordPress installation.

There is actually a workaround for this and can be accomplished using the help of blog categories. To do this,

1. First, go to Posts >> Categories then create a new category in there. For each blog you would like to create, add it as a category.

2. Next, go to Appearance >> Menus then add the categories you’ve just created as a new menus. You may also need to set this menu as a Blog Primary Menu in order for it to show on your normal WordPress pages and posts.

3. After that, go to Plugins >> Add New then search for the Remove Category URL plugin. Install it and activate. This plugin will remove the category base that shows in the blog category page url.

4. Finally, go to OptimizePress >> Blog Settings >> Modules >> Other Scripts >> Custom CSS and add this CSS code in order to remove the Category Archive header that shows on your blog category page:

.op-page-header {display: none;}

Every time you create a new post
don’t forget to assign it to a blog category so that this post would show on the said blog category page.

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