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How to duplicate Facebook comments on more than one page

If you want to show the same stream of comments from Facebook on more than one page (often a great strategy for creating buzz when you are launching a product) – this tutorial will show you how:

In OptimizePress 2.0

If you are using OP 2.0 – you would need to specify the “Facebook Comments Source URL” value within the Facebook Comments element when you are inserting Facebook Comments onto your page.

Important note:  Ensure that when specifying the source URL, the original Source URL(which you are using on the second page as FB Comments source) is not also specifying a source URL for Facebook comments. Any source URL should also only be a page within your own site.

So for your original page (where you are sourcing the comments from) this should NOT specify any Facebook Comments Source URL, and then on the second page, you will specify this first page.  Do not use any URL that is outside of your domain such as facebook.com/page as this will cause problems.

In OptimizePress 1.0

You need to modify the “Page to share” option for each of your pages to be the same page.  Facebook links comments to a specific URL so if you set all pages to use this same URL that will ensure the same comments show on each.

We usually recommend setting this shared page to be your landing page or squeeze page if you are doing a launch.

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