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How to move WordPress comments between pages

We know sometimes you may want to move comments from one WordPress page to another, particularly if you are recreating an old page from a previous theme into an OptimizePress LiveEditor page. This guide will show you how you can do this through the use of a handy plugin called Tako Movable Comments.

Unfortunately with this plugin, (and others like it), WordPress comments can only be moved on an individual basis.

How to move a comment in WordPress

Before you start this process you will need to know the page where you want to move the comments from, and the page that you want to move comments to. Both pages should already be published.

If you are moving comments to a LiveEditor page, you will need to add the “WordPress Comments” element to your page to show your comments.

1. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for Tako Movable Comments. Click install and once the installation has been completed click Activate to activate the plugin.

2. Next go to the Comments section on the left WordPress menu. This will display all the current approved comments on your WordPress site.

3. Find a comment that you want to move and hover over it to see the “Edit” option. Click this option.

4. Once you have the comment loaded you should see a meta box below the main comment content box with a title “Move Comments with Tako”.

Inside this box you can select whether you want to move the comment to a page or post, and then which page or post you want to move the comment to. Select the relevant options and then click “Update” on the right side of the window to complete the move.

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