Remove / Replace Flowplayer logo

We use the FlowPlayer video software for our built in video player element inside OptimizePress. We have found this software provides the greatest level of reliability, stability and cross-platform compatibility for videos which you might be hosting externally on services such as Amazon S3.

You will notice that in recent versions of OptimizePress, the Flowplayer logo appears on the video player.  This was added by Flowplayer in a recent update.  Unfortunately we are not able to remove this logo through our own code as this would be a breach of their licensing agreement, but Flowplayer do provide a way to remove it if you purchase a commercial license from them.

Note: We do not make any money from purchases of Flowplayer and have no affiliation agreement with them.

How to hide the Flowplayer logo

You need the Flowplayer commercial license to do this as per Flowplayer policy.

When you purchase the flowplayer commercial license you will have also been sent a zip with some additional files in it. You will find in the flowplayer licensing section the options to upload these files also to your website - this must be done as those files are required as part of your licensing of the flowplayer.

So basically you need:

  • license key 
  • flowplayer.js 
  • flowplayer.swf

You can find all of these in the zip they've sent you.

Alternatives to Flowplayer

WordPress Built-in Player

WordPress version 3.9 introduced their own video embed option to the platform.  This isn't as customizable as our player options, but if you need a simple way to embed videos, this might work for you. Please note that you will need to ensure your videos are properly encoded for web playback ( see our Handbrake tutorial) and be aware that this player's cross-platform compatibility may not be as complete as in Flowplayer.

You can find documentation on this here:

To implement this inside OptimizePress, you would drop in a shortcode to your page such as:

[video src="FULL_VIDEO_FILE_URL_HERE.mp4" autoplay="1"]

(this would be for an autoplay video. Set the autoplay to 0 if you do not want your video to autoplay.

This will require your video to be properly encoded for web playback. Please note that we can't really offer any support if your videos do not play in this player but I have just tested this with a few of our own sample Mp4 files encoded with Handbrake and they worked fine.

If you want to use this inside the LiveEditor, insert a "Text Block" element and then add the shortcode in the text input window there.

Other options

If you are considering purchasing Flowplayer, you might also consider other potential options for hosting and playing your videos.

Here at OptimizePress, we use Vimeo Pro for hosting and playing all of our videos.  Their service costs around £170 per year and includes unlimited bandwidth and up to 20GB uploads per week


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