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How to adjust row height / row padding


We need to reduce the height of the row inside the LiveEditor.


The height of rows inside the LiveEditor in OptimizePress is controlled by two different factors. The first is the row padding options. You can find these by clicking on the “Row Options” button within the LiveEditor (this looks like a pencil icon when you hover over the row):

Inside the Row Options  panel, you need to ensure that you have first ticked the “Full Width Row” checkbox, you then can enter the Top and Bottom padding fields to adjust the padding above and below the content within your row.

The other factor which controls the height of your row is the content which has been added within it, and also the padding or margins for those elements.  If you have an element added within your row, check the individual padding/margin options for that element and redeuce these if you want to reduce the spacing below your content inside your row.

Often the padding/margin options are within an “Advanced Options” section within the options of the element you are using.

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