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How to use the progress bar element

The progress bar is not required to link anything together inside OptimizePress. It is simply a stand-alone element which can be used to show a percentage of progress through a course, free content funnel or any other content.  You simply insert the element, choose the style and set the percentage to show on the bar.
For example if you were creating a 5 part video series, and you wanted to show the user was 1/5 of the way through you would enter 20 in the percentage box and then choose the other options and it should show a progress bar on the page for this percentage.
NOTE ABOUT THIS ELEMENT:  This element is not an LMS type of feature, meaning it will not automatically track a user progress on your membership site. You will need an LMS (learning management system) plugin for that type of feature. There are many that work with OptimizePress such as Lifter LMS, or LearnDash.

When adding this element, you’ll just simply choose what percentage to show. It will not automatically set a percentage based on how many lessons or videos someone has viewed on your site (that was not the purpose of this element to do that). 

We may add LMS features in the future but we have no timescale for that currently.

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