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How can I create menus that will link to different parts of the page?

This guide will show you how to create anchor links or links that link to different parts of your page:

To add links throughout your page you first need to drop in anchor links where you want them on the page.  To create these, you would want to add a HTML element for each section and add some code like:

<a name=”section1″></a>

This would create an anchor called section1.  This wouldn’t show on the live page – just appears in the  you would want to create a custom link and link to #section1

To then create a hyperlink to this, if you are usin knows where to link to

You can also use these with some button elements as well:g the WordPress Menus system at Appearance > Menus

Using a hashtag andll link to t then the anchor name wihat particular sectioncode so the link

To use anchor links as the url in a button, simple add the “#section1” without the quotes to a button like below:

Our support team will be glad to help if you have any questions regarding how to do this.

Note: A more recent guide was written as a blog post and may provide further tips on how to accomplish linking to different sections within a page (there are a few different ways to accomplish this): 


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