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How to add an iFrame to OptimizePress LiveEditor pages

If you need to add an iframe code to your page, you may do so using the “custom html/shortcode” element.

Please be aware that some iframe codes have been known to cause issues. It is always best to create a test page using the blank page template and insert your code there in case it breaks your ability to edit the page. To test, just save and close the live editor on your test page, and wait a few minutes and then try to open up the live editor.

If there are any issues with using your iframe code, the best workaround would be to use a plugin where you can create a shortcode for the iframe. Since Shortcodes do not generally render in the live editor, this would be a good way to ensure that any code conflicts from your iframe won’t disturb your ability to edit pages.

A good plugin to use for that purpose would be: https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcoder/

You can use that plugin to insert your custom code, and then use the shortcode for it within a “custom html/shortcode” element.

Unfortunately if you insert any code that breaks the live editor, you’ll need to re-build the page as it is not always possible for us to fix any issues that arise out of inserting bad code into the live editor.

If you have questions about this please contact our team and they would be glad to help.

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