How to use the delay timer for elements or buttons

The delay function in OptimizePress allows you to delay an item or element (whether it is a feature box, optin form or call to action button) from showing for a set amount of time after the page is loaded.  It is important to note that this timer starts from when the page is loaded - not from when a video is played on the page or any other timer.

To setup the delay timer , when you add an element to the page you will see when you hover over it a set of icons in the top right - one of them looks like a cog or gear.

You need to click this to load the advanced element options.

Now at the bottom of that window you will see a delay timer option. In there you can enter the number of seconds to delay that element for - it could be a button, optin form or anything else on the page - you can delay it for the time you wish - then it will gracefully fade in for you.

At the moment we don't have an option to delay all page content - because of the advanced nature of the way the page builder works it's a little more tricky to do that, but we are investigating that as a future feature.

The delay feature has been tested so it should work fine unless you have some external javascript which could affect it working properly - so if you are in doubt, disable all plugins on your site first before testing this feature and then test again with the plugins you are using switched back on.