Facebook Comments Not Showing

Occasionally you may find that the Facebook Comments on your site do not work.  We have seen this happen a few times and usually the cause is one of the following:

1. Your FB App is not configured correctly

Please remove your APP Id from your site (inside OptimizePress > Dashboard > Social Integration > Facebook App ID)

Go to the Facebook Developers site and follow this guide again:


2. You do not have comments enabled on your page/post

To correct this go to pages/posts,  find the page/post in question and click on edit. Then look to the top right of your screen for the tab that says; 'Screen Options'

From the drop down click the Discussion box.

Then click the Wordpress tab (beside the OptimizePress tab) that are both under 'Edit Page'. Tick the 'Allow comments box.

Click the publish "Update" button in the right column then reload your published page and your comments should now be working correctly.

Your comments should now be working correctly on your published page/post provided everything else is setup correctly.

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