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Integrating GVO autoresponder with OptimizePress

OptimizePress 2.0 Optin / landing pages can be used with the
GVO autoresponder system.  In order to integrate with GVO you must use our “custom form” integration method. 

This guide will give you an outline of the steps:

1. You need to ensure you have created your web form over at GVO.  This should be HTML web form code which starts with something like <form method= ….

2. Once you have your form code ready, go ahead and create your landing page or opt-in form within OptimizePress.  Load the optin form element on your page and click the edit icon to edit the optin form options.

3. In the Optin Form element options – under the “Form HTML” Tab you need to select “Custom Form” from the Integration type dropdown.

4. Paste your GVO form code into the Form HTML box.

5. After pasting in your code, below the Form HTML field you will see two dropdown boxes with Name and Email above them.  You need to match up the correct fields for each of these options.

These are the usual selections, although yours may vary:

– For the Name field – select
FullName – For the Email field – select Email.

If you do not select these fields, your information will not be sent correctly through to your GVO account.

6. This is all you have to do to complete the integration with GVO – just hit insert (do not change any other options) and your form is now integrated.

7. The final step is to test your integration by publishing your page and then view the page and opt-in to your page to see if your sample information is passed through to GVO.

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