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Integrating GotoWebinar with OptimizePress

Before you start this guide you will need:

  • An active GotoWebinar account (GotoMeeting will not work).  If you don’t already have a GotoWebinar account you can get a7 day trial at http://www.gotomeeting.com/online/webinar. Please note that GotoMeeting accounts will not work – your account must be a GotoWebinar account.
  • Your GotoWebinar account username and password will be required during the setup process so have these hand.
  • Ensure you are running version or above of OptimizePress (released 30 November 2017).

Important Note Regarding GotoWebinar Limitations

As standard, GotoWebinar API only accepts 500 daily registrations (resets after 24 hours). After that it will stop registering participants but will still send empty confirmation emails to every registration attempts made. Unfortunately this is not something that Optimizepress has any control over.

To fix this, you need to send an e-mail to GotoWebinar support with the consumer secret of your app and ask them to remove the limitation.

Other Notes

One final note – because of how GoToWebinar processes registrants from external systems – if you only collect email you will see the name set as “Friend” in your GotoWebinar registrants list.  If you collect name and email you may see the name duplicated but this will not affect your webinar.

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