Aweber Error - Fatal Error Uncaught Exception ...

If you receive an error similar to this when testing your Aweber integration:

Fatal Error: Uncaught exception 'OP_AweberAPIException' with message 'Expired timescale given ...

Errors like this are usually due to some issue with the connection to Aweber. Our API integration with Aweber has been extensively tested so in cases like this we recommend the following:

1. If you see "Expired timescale given" in the error message this usually means there is an issue with the time stamp of your server. Check with your hosting company on this or speak to Aweber who can guide you through fixing the problem. This is not an issue with our specific API integration.

See further information here:

2. Check with Aweber that your logins are valid and your account is in good standing

3. Send a copy of the error message to Aweber support - they should be able to advise of the exact cause and how to fix.

Unfortunately in issues where their API system throws an error there isn't anything we can do from our side to fix this - the error messages are being generated after your server connects with their API so generally they can advise of a quick way to resolve issues.

You can find more information on how to contact Aweber here:


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