Creating Package Upgrade Buttons or Forms

If you have existing members in your membership and want to provide the facility for these users to upgrade their levels or packages, this can be done following the guide below:


For Paypal Buttons (Standard Paypal)

The best way to handle this would be to create a subscriber modification button. To do this, go to OptimizeMember > Paypal Buttons > Paypal Subscr Modification Buttons

From here you can generate a shortcode which will create an order button for a package upgrade

Once you have generated your order button code, this would need to be added to a page within your membership where your member is already logged in. This should also be possible with a normal paypal order form if you wish


For Paypal Pro-Forms

If you're using Paypal pro forms the option is located inside:

OptimizeMember > Paypal Pro-Forms > PayPal Pro Billing Modification Forms