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Customizing your login welcome page (Using different login welcome pages) [OptimizeMember]

What Is The Login Welcome Page?

By default, OptimizeMember has just ONE Login Welcome Page.

A Login Welcome Page (in the context of OptimizeMember), is a Page you create in WordPress® (like any other Page). Then you designate it as your Login Welcome Page when configuring OptimizeMember®. This can be configured (or reconfigured) under OptimizeMember® -› General Options -› Login Welcome Page. This is the Page where a User/Member (anyone who can log into your site), is redirected to upon logging in.

How do I use a different welcome/home page for each membership level?

If you want to redirect your users to different login welcome page depending on their membership level, this can be accomplished using the redirect override field and replacement codes in the OptimizeMember > General Options > Login Welcome Page section.

Replacement codes allow you to dynamically send your users to different pages depending on specific criteria when they login.

The easiest way to use this is by using the current user level replacement code.  This will allow you to specify a different page depending on user level.
For example you could use:
For a user that is level 1 (first paid level in OptimizeMember) this would redirect them to:
So you would need to create a members home page with the permalink/URL “members-1” for this membership level and protect it for that level.
There are also other replacement codes available which you can see by clicking “replacement codes” in the Login welcome page section.
Important Note: For the user level variable, this will always use the level number and will not use custom labels that you have created in OptimizeMember.

Common Questions

Why I am being redirected to my general redirect page when testing?

We have found in some cases that if your main site domain does not include www and you include www in the redirect replacement code, this will be treated as a different URL and will not work.

So ensure that you only include www in your URL if your domain includes this.

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