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Localhost WAMP / WAMP developers [OptimizeMember]

Localhost WAMP/MAMP Installs (are you a developer?)

If you’re developing your site in a localhost environment, running something like WAMP/MAMP, or EasyPHP, please add this line to your /wp-config.php file: define(“LOCALHOST”, true);

This lets OptimizeMember know definitively that your site is in a localhost environment. OptimizeMember will adjust itself accordingly, maximizing functionality during your developement. optimizeMember can usually auto-detect this, but in cases where your localhost installation runs on something other than, you need to tell OptimizeMember definitively, by adding that line to your /wp-config.php file. For instance, optimizeMember needs to know when your server IP is the same as all User IPs.

Once your site goes live, please remove the line. If you’re already on a live server connected to the web, please ignore this section.

Note: Using OptimizePress on a WAMP/MAMP installation will require using an API key, and you’ll need to ensure that the computer is connected to the internet, otherwise OptimizePress won’t be able to activate or be used on a local installation.

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