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OptimizeMember Shortcodes Library

These shortcodes can be used in the HTML/Shortcode element inside the OptimizePress LiveEditor or in the advanced element options to be placed before/after an element.

Display User Email Address:


Display User First Name:


Display User Last Name:


Display Current User Login (Username):


Display Name of logged in member:


Display link to modify Profile:

[optimizeMember-Profile /]

Display Current User Level:


Display Number of times a user has logged into your site:


Display Current User IP Address:


Show content only if user is logged in (at any level):

[opmIf is_user_logged_in()] Content for anyone that is logged in, regardless of their Membership Level. [/opmIf]

Show content only if user is NOT logged in:

[opmIf !is_user_logged_in()]
Some public content. They're NOT logged in. A leading !exclamation means false.

Show content to a specific package (CCAP) (in this example package is called free_gift ):

[opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_free_gift)]
Display free gift here. This Member has access to a Custom Capability that supplies a free gift.

Show content to user who does not have access to a specific package (CCAP) (in this example package is called free_gift )

[opmIf !current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_free_gift)]
This Member or visitor DOES NOT have access to a Custom Capability that supplies a free gift. So you would show them something if the user "doesn't" have access. See note below.

Note: the ! before current_user_can is what makes this happen (it essentially means the current user can’t access the package – So if you wanted to show a sales button or other things to users who don’t have the free_gift package, you would use this shortcode above for that.

Show content to more than 1 package but not require all of them:

[opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_package1) OR current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_package2) OR current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_package3) OR current_user_is(administrator)] this content can be seeing by all 3 packages but customer only needs to have one of them (can also be seen by admin when viewing page which can be nice if you want to see what it looks like).

Protect content and Require Level 1 or above Access:

[opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_level1)]
Some content for Members who are logged in with an optimizeMember Level >= 1.

Show content to public (people not level 1):

[opmIf !current_user_can(access_optimizemember_level1)]
Some public content.

Show content ONLY to level 1 users:

[opmIf current_user_is(optimizemember_level1)]
Content for Members at exactly Level# 1, on this Blog.

Nested permissions:

[opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_level1)]
Some premium content for all Level 1 Members.
[_opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_music)]
Display links for music as well.
[_opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_videos)]
Display videos as well.
[opmIf !current_user_can(access_optimizemember_level1)]
Some public content.

Show EOT date (will show expiration date or next payment date):

[opmEot /]

Open link in new window for profile modification (popup):

<a href="http://optimizepress2.com/?optimizemember_profile=1'">http://optimizepress2.com/?optimizemember_profile=1'</a>, '_popup', 'width=600,height=400,left=100,screenX=100,top=100,screenY=100,location=0,menubar=0,toolbar=0,status=0,scrollbars=1,resizable=1'); return false;">Modify Profile.

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