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How to create a URL order link (for PayPal) [OptimizeMember]

If you want to create an order link which you can use to sell products that you have setup within OptimizeMember through a link on your website in a pricing table or somewhere you cannot use our shortcode, please follow this guide.

Before You Start, Please Read These Important Notes.
1. Currently this process cannot be used to generate orders for Clickbank due to changes with their system, so this only works for PayPal currently.
2. Due to a recent change in WordPress core framework after 4.3, the old method recommended to create these links no longer works, please follow the new process below. 
How to create URL order link (for PayPal).

Step 1. 

Create your order button shortcode by going to OptimizeMember > PayPal Buttons and then setup your order button for the levels, packages and pricing you want.
Once you have generated the order button shortcode, copy this or save it to a notepad or text document.

Step 2.

Create a new page inside WordPress by going to Pages > Add New.  
Switch the editor to the “Text” or “HTML” view.

Step 3. 

Insert the shortcode you copied earlier from the clipboard or from your text document
It will look something like this (yours will vary depending on your packages chosen and will show your domain information so do not copy this code):
[optimizeMember-PayPal-Button level=”1″ ccaps=”” desc=”Bronze Member / description and pricing details here.” ps=”paypal” lc=”” cc=”USD” dg=”0″ ns=”1″ custom=”optimizepressplus.com” ta=”0″ tp=”0″ tt=”D” ra=”0.01″ rp=”1″ rt=”M” rr=”1″ rrt=”” rra=”1″ image=”default” output=”button” /]

Step 4:

Inside the button code, change the code that says:




Step 5:

Save and publish the page with the code and click the “View Page” option once the page has been published.

In your browser address bar, copy the URL of the page and save it to your clipboard or a text document.

Step 6:

Logout of your site! You must logout of your site OR switch to a different browser where you are not logged into your site.

This step is VERY IMPORTANT otherwise the final code will not work.

Step 7:

Once logged out of your site, or in a different browser, paste the URL of your page that you saved earlier into the address bar and access the page.
You should see a page with a lot of code starting with 
It will look something like this:

Step 8: 

This URL is your order link. It is important accessing the source code view of the page and copying from there to avoid any mistakes.
In Google Chrome, go to View > Developer > View Source.
In Safari (you may need to enable developer tools), go to Develop > Show Page Source.
In Firefox, go to Tools > Web Developer > Page Source.
To find the code on the page, you may need to use CNTRL+F or CMD+F and search for:


Copy the whole long line of code and save this to a document where you can access it later.  This is your order link URL.


Ensure that after you have inserted your order link, before you copy it, you LOG OUT of your website, and view the page when logged out before you copy the actual order link otherwise it may generate errors after the first customer uses it.
Also, if you see fields such as these then you will need to remove them – basically any ip address and invoice references would need to be removed, otherwise that might also cause some issues.


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