How to upgrade member from one level to another automatically [OptimizeMember]

OptimizeMember is very flexible. When the system creates a user and you want to be able to offer that user an upgrade link much like what we do in the OptimizePress Member area, here are the proper steps for doing this:

1. All upgrades should be done within the members area on your site – so users would need to be logged in.

2. When in the wp-admin dashboard, go to OptimizeMember > [payment gateway] buttons > [payment gateway] subscr modification buttons and you would need to create a short code for a button that can be used for existing members to upgrade. This button should be placed within the proper level and only in the members area.

For Example:

Lets say you are using the PayPal payment gateway, and want to offer Level 1 customers the opportunity to upgrade to Level 2.

You would navigate to “ OptimizeMember > PayPal buttons > PayPal subscr modification buttons” and configure the button and choose the correct settings which would look like this:

Just paste the short code it generates into a “Custom HTML/Shortcode” element in the live editor.

This is all you need to do to be able to seamlessly upgrade users to new user levels without having them register a new account.

PayPal Pro Forms Method

You can do the same thing that any OptimizeMember PayPal Button can do with the PayPal Pro Forms. They are all titled and organized similarly. So if you want to allow uses to upgrade from one level to another using a Pro Form, you would just navigate to: OptimizeMember > PayPal Pro > PayPal Pro Billing Modification Form which also generates a short code for the form.

These pro forms work the exact same way as the buttons, and users would need to be logged in before filling out the details for the billing modification.

Note: With any of these options above, you can also add new packages to users as well using this process. Just check the boxes for any packages you want to add to the customer. This is great if you need to upgrade a level and package at the same time.

If you need to only add new packages to a member, please see this guide on how to do that.

External Program Integration

If you don't use any of the payment gateways that OptimizePress has to offer, there is another more advanced way of doing this using the OptimizeMember Pro API for remote operations. You can find details/examples of how to do this by navigating to:

OptimizeMember > API Scripting > Pro API For Remote Operations > Remote Operation: modify_user

It should be noted that our support staff are not PHP coders so this would be something you may need to consult with a professional programmer for assistance as we would not be able to assist with PHP code modifications.

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