Integrating Aweber with OptimizePress

The easiest way to integrate OptimizePress with Aweber is to use our API level integration.

Important note: You must Ensure that your Permalinks are set to the "Post Name" setting for the Aweber integration to work properly. To do this go to Settings > Permalinks and then select the "Post Name" setting and click save before following this tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use "Single Opt-in" with Aweber when using OptimizePress for the opt-in form?

A: Unfortunately when using the OptimizePress Aweber API integration, Aweber forces the double opt-in method, however we have heard of some users contacting Aweber directly to have double opt-in disabled where signups would use single opt-in.

You may also consider using the " Custom form method" which bypasses the Aweber API and you could use Single Opt-in that way as well.

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