How to use delayed rows

In this quick tutorial, we're going to look at how you can animate your rows using the ' Delayed Rows' feature.

- To get started, open your page with the LiveEditor and click on the pencil icon on the row you would like to animate to launch the ' Row Options' Window.

- In the Row Options window, scroll down until you see the section for ' Delay Row'.

- You will be presented with a dropdown to select from a list of all the different  Animation Effects and the option to delay the timer; allowing you to set a timer (in seconds) before your row animates.

- Once you've made your selections, save the changes and preview your page. Your row should now successfully animate.

This feature is useful if you a sales video on a sales page and want hide the rest of the page content until a certain time point in your sales video. 

If you want to animate sections of your webpage on user scroll, please check out the element animations in the OptimizePress PlusPack

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