How to use the fixed row options

In this quick tutorial, we're going to look at the Fixed Row Options, which will allow you to have a row that's fixed and displayed on the page when scrolled. This is ideal for highlighting sections on a page for the visitor in order to encourage them to take an action like an optin box or a special offer promotion.

- To activate the fixed row option. Open a page with the LiveEditor and click on the pencil icon of the row you would like to fix. The Row Options box will appear.

- You should see the option ' Fixed row position when scrolling?' At the top of the Row Options box.

- Under the dropdown, select whether you would like the box to fix at the top or the bottom of your page when scrolled.

- Once you've selected your option. Save the changes and preview your page. Your row should now be fixed on your page when scrolled.

TOP TIP: We recommend that when using fixed rows you ensure at the row hight is minimal, to avoid the fixed row from dominating the browser window and having a negative effect on the visitor experience. 

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