Integrating arpReach with OptimizePress

Update: Only the installation URL is now required to be entered into the OP settings.

As it is a self-hosted solution, you will need to ensure you have arpReach installed on your server by yourself or have it installed by webmaster. arpReach comes with the installation instructions so please follow those steps to ensure you have the software installed.

Once you have arpReach installed, go to OptimizePress > Dashboard > Email Marketing Services > arpReach and follow these steps:

1. API Endpoint

This field requires the URL where your arpReach software is installed.  If your domain is, the default installation URL would be Basically, this is the same URL that is used to access the arpReach administration screen.

2. API Key

When logged in the arpReach admin, one needs to go to "Setup -> API keys" and then either "Show List" (if you already have a key) or "Create New"

3. Integrating with Optin form

Once you have integrated arpReach in the main OptimizePress dashboard, you can go ahead and create a new landing page or modify an existing optin form to use the arpReach integration.

arpReach API doesn't have a method for fetching all lists (lists are called "Autoresponders") so in our integration we have a text field ("Autorespoder Name") where the exact autoresponder name needs to be entered.

For example, if you had an autoresponder called "OP Test 1" this should be entered exactly as it appears in arpReach inside the "Autoresponder Name" field inside OptimizePress:

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