Using OptimizeMember shortcodes to hide/show content

To hide an element on logged out members:

[opmIf is_user_logged_in()] Content for anyone that is logged in, regardless of their Membership Level.[/opmIf] 

To hide an element on logged in members:

[opmIf !is_user_logged_in()] Some public content. They're NOT logged in. A leading !exclamation means false.[/opmIf] 

Hiding elements based on membership level:

[opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_level1)] Content for members who are logged in with an optimizeMember Level >= 1.[/opmIf] 

Membership levels provide incremental access so members having higher levels can also see the element.

Hiding elements based on package/custom capabilities:

[_opmIf current_user_can(access_optimizemember_ccap_mypackage)] Content for members who are logged in with a required membership level and package.[/_opmIf] 

See below screenshots on how to add these shortcode into your element:

Click the cog icon of the element to launch the Advance Elements Options

Add the shortcode start tag on code before row field and the shortcode end tag on the code after row field.

Here is how the element having the code should look like in the LiveEditor.

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