Can't set my page as blog posts listing page

If you're trying to set a page as as your "posts page" inside Wordpress on the Settings > Reading page, but are finding that it is not working, this article will help.

There are two issues which might stop a page from working properly as your Blog Posts page:

1) Ensure that the page you are trying to use is published fully. If you do not properly publish the page it may not show in the Posts dropdown on the Reading page.

2) IMPORTANT: If the page you are attempting to use was created with our Pagebuilder/LiveEditor, it will not work as a blog posts page. You must create a new page by going to Pages > Add New and then save this page as "blog" or whatever name you want and publish it.  Then set this page in the Settings > Reading options to be your blog posts page

Please also note that if you have a previous page with the "Blog" permalink you will need to delete that page and also empty the trash on your pages section to clear the blog permalink for use again

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