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Missing Content Templates In Pagebuilder / LiveEditor

Some hosting and server setups do not complete the installation process fully and leave you with less than the total number of templates (you should see around 30 templates)

To fix this, first ensure you’re using version 2.0.3 or above (it’s likely you are if you just installed OP2).
Now follow these steps:
1.  Go to OptimizePress > Dashboard > Global Settings > Content Templates Reset and tick the “yes” box there.  

Please note that this will remove all content templates so if you have created any of your own designs you will want to ensure you have exported these first (it will NOT override any actual pages you have created)

2. Click “Save Settings”

3. The updater should run. If you see a green “success” bar then the installation completed successfully and you should now have the full set of templates

If you see an “internal server error” or “fatal error” or error 500, this means that your server isn’t currently allowing the process to execute fully.  

If this happens, please follow these steps:

1. Follow the steps on this page to increase the PHP settings on your site:

Error – Fatal Error Maximum Execution Time

2. Disable any other plugins running on your site (you only need to do this for a a minute or two while the reset process completes).
3. Follow the steps above again to reset your templates.
4. Go back to Plugins > Recently active and reactivate your other plugins

If that does not work – you will need to speak to your server administrator or hosting company and ask them to increase the max execution time limits on your server

GoDaddy Users Note: We have had extensive problems with GoDaddy and found that their hosting does not easily support the content templates upload system we use.  Unfortunately in cases where you are using GoDaddy you may need to contact their support to raise limits on your server (their hosting is excessively restrictive and causes more problems which is why we do not recommend them)

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