Allow users to login with email address not username

We have been asked a number of times if it is possible for users/members of an OptimizeMember site to login using their email address and not their username. They can certainly do this, but please read on for more details.

When using OptimizeMember built in payment gateways:
OptimizeMember does not provide this functionality as standard when using the built in payment gateways, and we have no plans to add this currently. WordPress does allow users to login with their email address/password, but the actual username would be something they would setup during the registration process, or when you are using the pro forms they would fill in that detail before paying.

When using the OptimizeMember Remote API integrations:
Currently, OptimizeMember will allow setting the username as the email when using the OptimizeMember API system (found under "OptimizeMember > API Scripting > API for remote operations" - in this case setting the username to be the email is recommended.

Some of the 3rd party integrations that use the OptimizeMember Remote API include (but are not limited to):

  • Advanced JVzoo integration
  • (see their documentation)
  • Infusionsoft
  • WarriorPlus (see their documentation)
  • Ontraport
  • Adding users to OptimizeMember through an automation with ActiveCampaign (this can be done with other CRM services as well)
  • as well as many others...
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