Integrating Ontraport with OptimizeMember

OptimizeMember can be used with OfficeAutopilot so you can add buyers from OAP to your OptimizeMember based membership packages and levels.

Follow these steps to implement this:

1. Get Your Secret API Key

User first needs to go to (replace with your own domain) and open the “Pro API For Remote Operations” section. From this section secret API Key needs to be copied.

You can also navigate to this section in your WordPress dashboard by going to "OptimizeMember > API Scripting > Pro API For Remote Operations"

2. Create the Integration

Ontraport has "ontraforms" and "smart forms" which both have a way to add a "ping url" section.

For the "Smart Forms" You will need to go into the "settings tab."

For "Ontraforms" click on "Order Form" and then "Form Settings" to get to the Conditional Rules Area.

Whether you are using Ontraforms or smart forms, once you reach the "form settings" area, then add a rule under "CONDITIONAL RULES" which should be using the "has ordered" and "equal to - 1 - of" the product you are selling in the sales form. See screen shot below:

Setting up the Ping URL action:

Click on "Add New Action" and choose the ping url option. Then use the below settings for post and get urls:

The "Ping URL" area has two urls you will need to enter:


HTTP POST URL should be (again, replace with your own domain).

GET URL (Post Data):

HTTP GET URL should be (again, replace with your own domain) and name/value pairs should be appended to it. So for example your URL might look like this:[user_login]={USERNAME}&data[user_email]={EMAIL} (where #APIKEY is copied from first step and {USERNAME} and {EMAIL} needs to be substituted with variables from your system).

There are few mandatory name/value pairs:

- op - should be ‘create_user’ (action that is being done),
- api_key - secret api key copied from the first step,
- data[user_login] - contact username and
- data[user_email] - contact email

There are great number of additional name/value pairs:

- data[modify_if_login_exists] - 0|1 (if data[user_login] is already present in the system, user update will be made),
- data[user_pass] - user password (if left empty, OPM will auto generate it),
- data[first_name] - user first name,
- data[last_name] - user last name,
- data[optimizemember_level] - level number (if left empty, 0 will be used - free subscriber),
- data[optimizemember_ccaps] - packages (comma separated if more than one),
- data[opt_in] - 0|1 (if is set to 1, attempt to trigger defined auto-responders)
- data[notification] - 0|1 (if is set to 1, OPM will email new user with username/password)

The 2nd part of the Conditional Rules would be to add the Ping URL using the two URLS you just created using the above name/value pairs and then use the "Insert Merge Fields" to add the Ontraport field to the URL:

It is important that you use the "Insert Merge Field" to make sure data is properly sent back to OptimizeMember. Just click in the url after the = signs and then choose the merge field from the drop down on the right.

Once you have filled this out, just save the form and you should now be ready to use the form to create users on your OptimizePress integration.

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