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Why do I need to whitelist my server IP Address

To install and run OptimizePress on your WordPress website, you must license your website using one of the API keys included inside your members account when you purchased OptimizePress.

When you insert and submit your API key on your site, a connection is made between your site and our licensing server to validate your API key and activate various functions in your OptimizePress software.

Unfortunately, in a few cases, we find that certain servers and hosting companies occasionally block these licensing connections and the result is an invalid license error message on your site.

If you have confirmed your API key is correct, the next step is to contact your hosting/server company and ask them to whitelist HTTP connections/communications between your site and our server.  They will need to whitelist our server IP addresses which are: (our new server which will be active early in February 2015)   

Please ensure both of these addresses are whitelisted.

Once these IP addresses have been whitelisted, you should retry licensing your site and should have no further issues.

If your hosting company asks which port you should use, advise that these communications use the http commands on port 80

If you need any further help with licensing your OptimizePress websites, please contact our support team.

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