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How Do I Know What OptimizePress Template Was Used to Build a Site I Like?

All of us have seen it, the perfectly designed page laid out close to what we envision for the perfect page design.

What is really awesome about the OptimizePress Live Editor is there is virtually an unlimited amount of template designs that can be made. Using a pre-configured Content Template either from the OptimizePress Club, the OptimizePress Marketplace, or one of the many outstanding templates that come with OptimizePress makes for a great starting point.

Regardless of which one you choose to start with, it can be modified in the Live Editor where you can add/remove elements/rows, and change colors or do just about anything you want to get it looking great.

We often are asked “How do I know which template someone used?” or “what template should I use to build something like ___insert website link here____”

We regret that in most cases that we don\’t have a way to tell for sure due to the page looking much different than the original template, or perhaps the page was built starting with a blank canvas (which you can do in the “Create New Page” section by choosing “blank pages”).

While we would really love to know for sure which template may have been used, we often find that we can\’t answer that with certainty due to not knowing what modifications may have been made to the original template.

Our best suggestion would be to look at the templates within the “create new page” section of OptimizePress, or browse the OptimizePress Marketplace to find a good match for that template – and if one doesn\’t exists, you could certainly build your own starting with the blank page option.

Also, if you are a member of the Club, you can also check there as well to find some great templates.

Our team are not able to make recommendations in most cases to advise which template you should start with for trying to build something from another site that doesn\’t use OptimizePress. In most cases you can build something similar, but it is not possible to exactly replicate all features from some of the more complex designs.

Here at OptimizePress we would love to hear about some ideas you have. What templates are you looking for? Did you know that some templates we have offered in the Club are due to feedback we have received on what is wanted?

We would love for you to submit your ideas through our Template Request Form. If we get enough interest or feel the idea would be popular among other OptimizePress users, we\’ll be glad to consider it for inclusion into the Club or Marketplace.

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