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Duplicate a menu/header on multiple pages in LiveEditor

OptimizePress was designed as a platform to create individual conversion pages for your business which are not forced to have a global header or settings which make all pages on your site look the same.  Often conversion pages (Such as landing pages or sales pages) may need to look individual, or may want to be tested without the same logo and navigation as other pages on your site.

Feedback from our users since the release of our platform has lead to our understanding that there are still instances where you may want to have the same header and navigation style on a number of pages created with the OptimizePress LiveEditor

To satisfy this demand, we have created a special plugin which allows you to replicate certain sections (including the header, footer, etc) from one of your OptimizePress LiveEditor pages onto other pages on your site (as long as they are also created with our LiveEditor)

This can be particularly useful in the creation of sites like Membership portals or larger sales sites.

How to use the Sections Override Plugin

1. Download the plugin to your computer from the link below:

Click here to download the Sections Override Plugin 

2. Upload and Install the plugin by going to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin (at the top) on your WordPress site and upload the plugin, then click Activate when the plugin is installed

3. Go to OptimizePress > Sections Override once you have activated the plugin to access the plugin control panel:

4. First select the “Master Page” – this will be the page that contains the section you wish to replicate onto other pages.  This is most likely the header & navigation- but you can also replicate the footer area, colour scheme options, typography, or content from the Other Scripts sections

5. Select the pages where you want to override with the section copied from the master page.  You can select multiple pages by using Ctrl or Cmd click.

Note: Your existing page content in the section chosen on the pages selected WILL be overwritten – but other content will be left untouched.  We recommend first testing with one page to ensure the results are as desired before you apply to many pages on your site.

6. Select the section you wish to be overwritten – You can select more than one section but please take care and be aware that content in these sections on your original pages will be overwritten with the content from your master page sections.

7. Select “Overwrite sections” to apply the process.

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