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Login emails not sending to members (OptimizeMember)

One of the most common issues we hear of from users of our OptimizeMember plugin is that emails with logins for new buyers of your courses or products are not being sent or received.

Important: This is almost always caused by individual email sending configurations on the server where your site is running

Many hosting companies now either limit or disable email sending from your server, so you may need to use an alternative method to send emails from your server to ensure that your new buyers/purchasers get access to what they have purchased.

>> This is not something that is due to any kind of bug in OptimizePress/OptimizeMember so is not something that we can fix from our side.  

Step 1: Follow our Email Deliverability Guide

The first step we recommend is to follow our email deliverability guide which you can find linked below:

View Email Deliverability Guide

Step 2: Follow our guide on using Sendgrid to send emails

Using the Sendgrid system will help you to send emails from your WordPress site with improved reliability and deliverability

View our Sendgrid Integration Guide

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