Integrating ActiveCampaign with OptimizePress

Here's the dashboard inside ActiveCampaign.

First get your API key from Active Campaigns under My Settings.

Hover over your name in the top right, then click  My Settings.

Click the Developer Tab on the left to see the API Access.

Copy the API keys from here and paste into you OptimizePress site under Email and Marketing Campaigns > Active Campaign then scroll down and click Save.

If you haven't already you want to create your first ' List' inside Active Campaign. This is where your leads are added to.

Click Lists in the top navigation.

Then Add New List.

Enter in your list details like name, address, URL and reminder statement.

Next you are presented with a page showing your lists click Forms.

Next, click on   New Form.

Give your form a name, select "inline form" as well as select the list that you want to subscribe the user to and click Create.

The next page is where you can build your form like choosing to include first name and email or first, last name and email - remember what fields you choose as you will use it later when build the form inside OptimizePress.

Don't worry about the design style of the form as you will create the look and feel in OptimizePress.

Once you have added your fields click Options, and then click the little cog wheel under"form action".

Next, you can choose whether you would like single opt-in or double opt-in. Turning the "Opt-in Confirmation to "On" will require Double Opt-in. If you turn it off, there is no confirmation process and the contact will be added to your list.

We recommend you use double optin to get more targeted leads onto your list. You can turn off this setting off if you want however you might not get as many credible leads.

Over to the right you will see an option to Redirect to URL instead. If you need to send subscribers to a thank you page after they confirm (if you have double opt-in turned on).

Now click Integrate in the top right.

Subscription Form ID

We need to take a note of the form id - we need this in our OptimizePress optin form.

NOTE: This is the important part about connecting your optin forms to ActiveCampaign form so the the double optin email is active and sent out.

Here's where to find the Subscription Form ID make a note of the numbers on your form NOT the example below.

Once you are done, simply click Save & Exit.

Go to your landing page and open the LiveEditor by hovering over the OptimizePress link in the admin bar if you are using the OptimizePress Theme.

Click on the pencil icon to edit your optin form or open the OverlayOptmizer like in our example.

Then edit optin form.

Choose ActiveCampaign from the drop down and your list under Integration Type and select your list under Provider List.

This is where you enter the Subscription Form ID that we copied earlier and your thank you page URL.

Chose First Name from the dropdown list and add the order number where you want the name to appear on the form '0' being the top.

Click Add New to add extra fields, like Last Name, Phone Number.

Add the extra fields like Last Name, Phone, Organisation if you added them to your form inside ActiveCampaign.

Scroll down click insert in the optin form editor and then update in the OverlayOptimizer.

Save and Close the page, reload the live version and you are done!

Now that you have ActiveCampaign connected to OptimizePress, you may want to setup a followup process for those who subscribe using your new OptimizePress form.

The Follow Up Process

The next part of the setup process depends on how you want to follow up with your new subscribers and we've made it easy for you to decided.

There are two ways to follow up using ActiveCampaign:

1. Campaigns

Using a one-time AutoResponder email - Perfect for sending a welcome message! Below is a link that will open in a new browser tab/window that will take you to the help guide from ActiveCampaign on how to create campaigns:

2. Automations

Building automated sequences using ActiveCampaign Automations - Perfect for tagging your leads, moving contacts into to different automated marketing series, delivering an online course or series of emails over a period of time and way more stuff!

Below is a link to a help guide from ActiveCampaign that will open in a new window that gives an overview of how to use Automations:

If you need further help on how to use Campaigns, Automations, or any other features found within the ActiveCampaign App, we would suggest checking the help guides over at ActiveCampaign:

If you need further help with any OptimizePress settings or the ActiveCampaign integration, please contact our support team and they will be happy to help with any questions you have.

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