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How to sell packages/custom capabilities to existing members [OptimizeMember]

Packages are a great way to sell content independently of user levels. If you have existing members who wish to purchase some packages, you’ll need to use “ Capability (buy now) buttons” for the payment gateway you are setup with.

For example:

If you would like to sell a package to any user logged in using the PayPal gateway, you would just need to go to your wp-admin dashboard, and navigate to “OptimizeMember > PayPal Buttons > PayPal Capability (buy now) buttons”.

Once there we suggest reading through all the documentation which is found in that section – and you’ll find out about the following important things that need consideration prior to using these buttons.

  1. Users must be logged in – which means these should only be used on a page protected by at least Level 0 (free subscriber).
  2. Users can be in any level (even free subscriber level).
  3. If a user already has a monthly recurring subscription (or other subscription) these buttons won’t modify that.
  4. If you need to sell a package under a subscription, you should use the PayPal subscr modification button instead.

So all you would need to do is fill out the form in this section for the PayPal Capability buttons like this:

After you click the blue “ Generate Button Code” button, copy and paste the generated shortcode into a “Custom html/Shortcode” element in the live editor, or if using a standard page or post protected by OptimizeMember, just paste the shortcode directly into the page as needed.

PayPal Pro Forms Method:

You can do the same thing that any OptimizeMember PayPal Button can do with the PayPal Pro Forms. They are all titled and organized similarly. So if you want to sell packages/custom capabilities to existing members using a Pro Form, you would just navigate to: “ OptimizeMember > PayPal Pro > PayPal Pro Capability (buy now) forms” which also generates a short code for the form.

These pro forms work the exact same way as the buttons, and users would need to be logged in before filling out the details for the billing modification.

Note: If you need to also upgrade a members level as well as adding packages, please see this guide here on how to do this

External Program Integration:

If you don’t use any of the payment gateways that OptimizePress has to offer, there is another more advanced way of doing this using the OptimizeMember Pro API for remote operations. You can find details/examples of how to do this by navigating to:

“OptimizeMember > API Scripting > Pro API For Remote Operations > Remote Operation: modify_user”.

It should be noted that our support staff are not PHP coders so this would be something you may need to consult with a professional programmer for assistance as we would not be able to assist with PHPcode modifications.

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