How to add products without assigning membership levels [OptimizeMember]

One of the core features of OptimizeMember is the ability to assign your customers into different membership levels.

However, there may be times where you would simply like to sell products and services without the need to do this.

OptimizeMember also has the ability to protect specific pages and posts and provide limited time access once the customer has made a purchase.

Here's how to do it.

Step 1 - Setup your Sales and Product Pages with OptimizePress.

Step 2 - Download and install the 'WP Show IDs' Plugin. 

The next stage is to download and install the plugin that will allow us to see the IDs of the posts and pages we create. We will need this for the next step.

Download the plugin from the following URL:

Install and activate it in your WP dashboard.

Step 3 - Note down the Page IDs of the pages you would like to protect.

Go to the 'Pages' area to see the list of all of your pages. You should also see a list of all of your IDs for each one that will be displayed on the far right of the page.

Note down the ID of your product page.

Step 4 - Secure your pages.

Next, under your OptimizeMember Plugin, go to:

Restriction Options >> Specific Post/Page URL Restrictions.

Insert your ID codes you would like to protect in the area provided.

Step 5 - Create your 'Buy Now' Button

Having now protected your pages, we now want to create a button to provide users access to the pages once they've made their purchase.

To do this, go to:

Paypal Buttons >> Paypal Specific Post/Page (Buy Now) Buttons

You will be taken to a section where you can select the protected pages.

Select the pages you've protected from the drop down box.

Set the price you would like to sell the product. You can also set your desired currency.

You can also set how long the page will be active for the customer. By default, this is set to 72 hours.

Give your product a description. In this case, the name of your product.

The checkout page style can be left as default. But if you would like a custom page set up, click on the '?' link for more information.

Click on the 'Generate Button Code' button.

Step 6 - Copy and paste the code into your sales page

When you've clicked the button, OptimizeMember will generate two types of code for you that you can use.

You will be given your 'Wordpress Shortcode' and the 'Resulting PayPal Button Code', which is the raw code that will be included in the shortcode.

You may choose this option if you would like to make edits to the code.

Copy the shortcode and paste it into your Sales Page of choice by clicking on the 'html' tab in the Wordpress Post/Page content section.

If you've done this correctly, the resulting button will be displayed like so:

Changing the Button Image.

If you would like to change the default button image, we will need to make a simple edit to the WordPress shortcode that OptimizeMember has generated.

You will notice in this shortocde, image="default".

Just change this to include your image URL instead of the word "default".

If you would like the image centered, just add <center> before the shortcode and </center> After the shortcode like this:

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