Add leads to 3rd party email marketing providers using Zapier and OptimizePress

OptimizePress has a lot of email marketing service integrations, however there are a few that we still do not have an API level integration for.

Most of the time, you can use the Custom Form option in our opt-in form elements, however some embed codes may not work properly due to extra JavaScript it depends on which doesn't play well with our opt-in form elements.

To get around this, you could use Zapier along with the Zapier Email Parser to add leads to your lists.

Here is what you would need to do:

1) Go to and either login or create a new account.

2) Click one of the links further down on this page for the service you want to use (Drip, MadMimi, etc..)

3) When adding an Opt-in form to your page in OptimizePress, select the "Email Data" option. Use the email address that Zapier gives you, and then the data from that form will go to Zapier. You will need to do this at least once so the email parser in Zapier has some data to work with that you can setup the zap with.

4) Finally, create the zap to map the data from the email parser into your email marketing service to create a contact.

Here are some links to some guides on Zapier that will help:

Using Drip with Zapier

Using MadMimi With Zapier

You can use ANY App in Zapier to import this data, it is not limited to just the 2 mentioned above (not all of the apps have guides for using the email parser).

Here are more guides from Zapier on using the email parser:

Add contacts to Salesforce

Add contacts to Zoho

Add contacts to Agile CRM

Add contacts to Sugar CRM

Add contacts to Hubspot

It should be noted that our support team are not able to help setup zaps or the email parser in Zapier. If you have any questions about how to use Zapier, or the email parser we would suggest reaching out to Zapier support.

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