Integrating Ontraport with OptimizePress

This guide will show you how to Adding Contacts from Opt-in Forms to Ontraport Sequences.

With the OptimizePress API level integration with Ontraport, you can easily add contacts who subscribe on your OptimizePress Opt-in forms to a sequence within Ontraport.

Follow the steps in this guide to create the integration and add contacts who subscribe on your opt-in forms into a sequence inside Ontraport.

Step 1: From the dashboard, access the administration options.

From your Ontraport dashboard, click your user ID in the top right to access the Administration menu:

Step 2: Access the Administration Panel to create an API key.

From the Administration options, select the Ontraport Key manager section to create a new API key and APP ID:

Step 3: Create a New API Key

Select the option from the menu to create a new API Key:

Step 4: Set the New APP ID and API Key.

Follow the steps in the screenshot below to create your new APP ID and API Key. You can use any API Key name that you wish.

Step 5: Copy your API Key and APP ID.

Copy your API Key and APP ID from Ontraport to a text document or copy them straight over to your OptimizePress site.  Ensure that you do not get these mixed up as they must match (i.e. don't place the APP ID key into the API Key field inside your OP Dashboard).

Step 6: Paste the values into your OptimizePress Dashboard.

Access the Ontraport Integration options by going to OptimizePress > Dashboard > Email Marketing Services > Ontraport

Paste in the values from your Ontraport admin section to your OptimizePress site.

Once you have completed this step, your Optimizepress site is now connected to your Ontraport account!

Step 7: Ensure you have an Ontraport Sequence Created.

The OptimizePress API integration will pull a list of sequences you have created inside Ontraport to send contacts into your Ontraport account.

You can use sequences to send automated emails to your contacts and trigger other processes from within Ontraport.

IMPORTANT: Our system does not send contacts to "Smart Forms" or any forms created within Ontraport - it can only send contacts into a sequence of your choosing.  This is because of how the Ontraport API works.

Ensure you have a sequence created already, or follow the steps inside Ontraport to create a new sequence. If you have no sequences created, you will not be able to add users from OptimizePress to Ontraport via the API connection.

Step 8: Integrate your Opt-in Form with Ontraport.

Once you have all the above steps complete, you are ready to integrate one of your opt-in forms inside OptimizePress with Ontraport.  To do this, simply add an opt-in form to a LiveEditor page or edit an existing opt-in form.

a) Select the Integration Type as Ontraport.

b) Select your chosen sequence from the "Provide List" drop down.

c) Enter the URL of your thank you page.  We recommend creating a separate page on your OptimizePress website for your thank you page and use one of our thank you page templates.

d) If you are using a form with a first name field, select the relevant field (usually First Name) to add the first name value to inside Ontraport.

Once you insert this opt-in form into the page, your contacts who opt-in to this form will be added to your selected sequence in Ontraport and will trigger any followup processes you have created

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