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Integrating Mailchimp with OptimizePress

This video will show you how to integrate with Mailchimp using our API integration method.

Common Questions

Question: I have integrated with Mailchimp but I do not see opt-ins in my Mailchimp account?
Answer: First, check that you have properly connected your first name or name field to the correct field in your opt-in form settings.

Also if you are using Double optin, bear in mind that subscribers will not show inside your account until they have confirmed their email address.

Question: My subscribers are not being added to Mailchimp after integrating with an OptimizePress opt-in form?
Answer: This issue is usually because you have not correctly integrated the form fields. Ensure that in the opt-in configuration you have selected the correct name or first name field for the “Name” option inside the OptimizePress settings.  If you have “email” or a different field selected, the wrong information will be sent and the user will not be added to Mailchimp.

As shown below, ensure that the “name” field (if you have it activated inside OptimizePress) is set to be connected to a name field from Mailchimp and NOT your email address field. If this is not set correctly, incorrect subscriber information will be sent through to Mailchimp and no subscriber will be added:

Using the default MailChimp thank you page

If you would like to use the default MailChimp thank you page then you need to use the raw HTML <form> code from MailChimp (the “Naked” form, as they call it) and then use the Custom Form integration method inside of OptimizePress.

You can find the MailChimp “Naked” form code inside of your MailChimp account here: List > Signup Forms > Embedded Forms > Naked.

Next, copy that HTML form code from MailChimp and then paste it inside the OptimizePress optin form editor. You want to select “Integration Type > Custom Form” at the top and then paste the code below where it says “Form HTML”, as seen in this screenshot:

Finally, look below and make sure that the email and name fields are set correctly, as seen in this screenshot (please note that if you have other form fields they will also appear here and should be selected and verified):

After that, your optin form will take the user to the default MailChimp thank you page after they complete the optin process.

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