How to add a terms and conditions box to checkout form [OptimizeMember]

We have been asked a number of times if it is possible to add a terms and conditions checkbox as part of the checkout process inside OptimizePress.

We have 2 options for you to achieve this inside OptimizePress & OptimizeMember.

1. Use our Terms and Conditions Element (better for order buttons)

If you are using a checkout button, you can use our Terms and Conditions element to add a terms and conditions information box and checkbox which will reveal an element of your choosing (e.g. button) when the checkbox is ticked.  

This provides a simple way to ensure that all buyers have ticked to agree to your terms - but please note this information is not stored anywhere.

2. Use a Custom Registration Field (For OptimizeMember Pro Forms)

If you are using our OptimizeMember Pro forms, (for PayPal Pro or integrations) you can can modify your registration form to include a checkbox.

In your Dashboard, go to OptimizeMember  > General Options > Custom Registration Fields, and create a Checkbox field that is required, and in your description of this field, you can even include HTML code that may provide a link to your Terms/Conditions. 

This field will then be required when a user completes the registration for your site.

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