Clickbank IPN Error 403 (Invalid IPN URL)

When you are using OptimizeMember with Clickbank, you need to ensure that you correctly add the IPN details from OptmizeMember to Clickbank.

If you receive an error when trying to test your IPN Such as:

"The service returned the response code 403. Please check your URL and Version and re-test."

This most likely means that Clickbank cannot communicate with your URL

Follow these steps to fix this issue:

Step 1

Ensure that you have used the correct IPN URL as provided inside OptimizeMember. You'll find this by going to OptimizeMember > Clickbank Options > Clickbank IPN v2.1 or v6 Integration.

We recommend using the v6 settings, and copy the v6 IPN Url which will end with: 


Ensure that the dropdown next to the URL inside Clickbank is also set to version 6.0

Step 2

If you still receive the IPN error when clicking "TEST IPN" it is most likely that something on your server or hosting side is blocking the communications between Clickbank and OptimizeMember.

This can be caused by invalid settings inside the HTACCESS file, or a plugin which is blocking access to your site.  In particular, some security plugins are known for causing this

We have found that the following plugins can cause this problem:

- BulletProof Security (by AITpro)

If you have used a security plugin, you may need to check your HTaccess file for any blocking codes - if you are not sure how to do this, please contact our support team and include Cpanel or FTP logins so we can check this for you.

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