If Your ClickBank Thank You Page Won't Allow Registration

If you see something like this on your ClickBank Thank You page instead of a button to register, then you have not setup the ClickBank integration correctly and have not filled in the API keys and/or ClickBank IPN/Secret Key fields.

What you need to do to make this work is complete your ClickBank Setup.  To do this, follow these instructions:

Step 1:

Go to "OptimizeMember > ClickBank Options > ClickBank Account Details" and fill in your Clickbank account username, as well as both ClickBank API Keys (clerk and developer).

You can find these when logged in to ClickBank by going to "Settings > My Account" and you'll find both of them at the bottom of that page. Then just copy/paste them into the fields like the below screen shot:

Step 2:

Go to "OptimizeMember > ClickBank Options > ClickBank® IPN v2.1 or v6 integration" and put your Clickbank IPN Secret Key into the proper field like in the screenshot below.

You can find your ClickBank IPN/Secret Key by logging into Clickbank.com and clicking the "settings" tab at the top, and then clicking on "my site" and scroll to the "advanced tools" section where you will find this. Just copy/paste that secret key into the proper field as below:

Please make sure that you choose either the IPN version 2.1 or version 6. Also, if you use 2.1, ensure that your IPN url from OptimizeMember is the correct one for the IPN version you are using or you may still see this page.  If you use 2.1, ensure that the 2.1 url is used - same with version 6.

Please NOTE: You must also check that you are running the latest version of OptimizeMember

To view our complete tutorial on how to setup your ClickBank Integration, click here.

If you still continue having issues with your ClickBank integration after checking the API and IPN settings, please do let us know by clicking one of the links below to contact our helpful Support Team.

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