503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

If your members are attempting to login and recieve the error: 

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable 

 This is caused when the IP restrictions of OptimizeMember are triggered. 

You can modify these at: OptimizeMember > Restriction Options > Unique IP Access Restrictions

If you still experience issues...

If you still experience issues, it's possible that you or your visitors are accessing using an ISP which has a switching IP address system.  This means that your IP address will regularly change and can cause issues with these IP restrictions.

To fix this, it is advisable to turn off these IP restriction options.  You can do this by going to OptimizeMember > Restriction Options > Unique IP Access Restrictions and choosing the "Allow Infinite IPs" option from the dropdown menu

Ensure you click "Save All Changes" to save the settings

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