OptimizeMember Server Scanner

The OptimizeMember Server Scanner is a helpful debugging tool that will analyze your server configuration, WordPress® configuration; as well as your OptimizePress installation files and settings. The output generated by the OptimizeMember Server Scanner may also help you correct common problems that we (as OptimizePress Support team) have seen on some WordPress/OptimizeMember installations out there.

If you are not sure if your server is compatible with OptimizeMember; or if you’d like to run a quick round of diagnostics against your WordPress/OptimizeMember installation overall, we highly recommend that you upload the OptimizeMember Server Scanner and give it quick review. It takes only a matter of seconds :-)

Running the Server Scanner (Steps)

1. Download this ZIP archive and extract the PHP file: /op-server-scanner.php
2. Upload /op-server-scanner.php to the root of your WordPress® installation. This file should be uploaded to the same root web directory that your /wp-config.php file is in.
3. Now open your web browser and visit: /op-server-scanner.php for a full report.
NOTE: If you log into your WordPress® Dashboard as an Administrator before running the s2Member® Server Scanner; some additional functionality is made possible (like the ability to send test emails from your server).