Twitter Share Count Problem

We've recently had reports that Twitter counts are no longer showing in the OptimizePress sharing elements.

We've looked into this issue and it appears that recently Twitter changed the way their API system works for the functionality we use to pull Tweet counts from their platform.

Unfortunately, it appears that they have removed this function, so we can no longer track tweet counts from any Twitter posts. This affects all of our elements where we have a Twitter share element.

You can see more about this in this article on their blog:

This issue is beyond our control so at the moment we don't have a fix for this. We will certainly be looking into this to see if we can pull the tweet counts through other methods, but I am not sure if this will be possible or how long this may take at the moment.

What we  recommend for now is perhaps to consider using one of our other sharing elements which does not have the share counters on them if this is a major issue for you

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