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WordPress 4.9 update causing LiveEditor issues

On November 16th, 2017, WordPress released version 4.9 which left out some key JavaScript libraries that OptimizePress was loading when the LiveEditor loaded. Unfortunately the decision by WordPress to leave those out of the update of WP 4.9 caused the Live Editor and admin menus of OptimizePress to stop working correctly.

Our development team worked quickly to solve this issue and in the early hours of November 17th, released OptimizePress version 2.5.12 which completely fixed all the issues that were caused by WordPress 4.9.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was this a bug in OptimizePress?

No, this was not a bug in OptimizePress. It was caused by the WP 4.9 update. OptimizePress would still have worked fine in WordPress 4.8. The decision by WordPress to leave out key JavaScript files which the Live Editor relied on was the reason why the Live Editor and admin menus within OptimizePress were not loading properly.

Just like any other WordPress plugin or theme, it is common practice to use Scripts and Functions that are built into WordPress. Unfortunately changes to those scripts or their removal can cause issues with lots of plugins and themes which rely on them within their plugin/theme’s code.

It’s important to note that this issue with WordPress 4.9 only affects editing of your pages, the front-end of your pages (the pages your visitors see) still function without any issues.

Why is the update not showing available in my WordPress Dashboard?

If you do not see the update for OptimizePress 2.5.12 available within your WordPress Dashboard, please login to https://members.optimizepress.com and download the latest version.

If you do not see version 2.5.12 (or higher) in your members area this means you may have an expired Updates/Support license (you should see a notice regarding this as soon as you login).

I didn’t know I had to renew my Updates/Support license (or didn’t know it expired). How can I do that?

If your Updates/Support license expired, you will need to renew through the following link (or by clicking the renewal link in your members dashboard):


As you may be aware, all OptimizePress packages (Core, Publisher & Pro) include 1 year (12 months) of access to support and updates.

After this period expires, you will no longer be eligible for updates and support and will need to purchase a new 1 year subscription if you wish to continue with access to the latest versions of OptimizePress, as well as access to support via our helpdesk (this is optional and you still can access our knowledgebase and member at all times).

Why should I have to renew my updates/support license and pay to get my site working?

We will never close your account, and you can still license new sites and download the latest version of OptimizePress that was available at the time your updates/support expired.

However, we always recommend that if you are actively using OptimizePress, you keep your sites running the latest version of our platform to ensure that any issues that may arise from WordPress updates do not affect you.

Charging for support & updates is commonplace across the WordPress ecosystem and we try to keep our renewal fees as affordable as possible whilst still allowing us to maintain a full time development team including agents dedicated to maintenance of the platform and fixing of issues such as those caused by WP changes.

If you choose not to renew you are basically choosing not to get important updates like the one we released for OP 2.5.12 and we would suggest turning off the automatic updates from WordPress. Before updating WordPress you should take a full database and files backup of your site so that you can restore the site in case something happens with any of your plugins or themes.

We can not provide an updated version of OptimizePress if you have an expired updates/support license as that would not be fair to those who have paid for the updates/support.

If you feel that you may have already paid for the updates/support and there is an error in your member account, please contact our support team and they will be happy to verify this for you and fix any issues with your account.

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