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WordFence Causing LiveEditor Issues

We have discovered that in recent versions of WordPress, sites running the WordFence security plugin are having problems with the LiveEditor

What are the symptoms of the problem?

This problem normally means that elements cannot be added in the LiveEditor or editing is problematic.  Please ensure that you have first checked that your OptimizePress site is running the latest version of our platform before checking this issue

How to fix this problem?

1. First check that you have WordFence plugin installed and active (this solution is specifically for sites running WordFence)

2. Go to WordFence — Firewall



3. Put Firewall in Learning mode



4. Edit the problematic element in Live Editor or save the page (it will work now)

5. Put Firewall in Enabled mode



That will add the whitelisted rule to the firewall and allow everything to work as expected…


If you still experience issues when WordFence is enabled…

We have heard of a few instances where the WordFence is still blocking access to certain key WordPress files and stopping the LiveEditor from saving

We have found these issues can occur only on certain pages on your site

We recommend cloning the page (go to Pages > Find your page and then click Clone when you hover over the page in the listing).  Try and edit the new page and you should find the issue is resolved (ensure you still have Learning mode activated for this process).

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