Avada Theme (ThemeFusion)

Avada Causes Live Editor Loading Issues (may not load):

We have been made aware by some users that when the Avada Theme is active, the LiveEditor does not load/doesn’t appear.

This issue is because some of the Avada theme codes conflict with our LiveEditor codes.

We have developed a custom plugin which fixes this issue.

How to fix

1. Download this plugin to your computer (ensure it remains in zip format).   
Avada Fix (download here)

2. Go to Plugins > Add New and install this plugin (upload the file)

3. Once installed, click Activate

4. Test your site again, you should now find the LiveEditor loads whilst Avada theme is active

Avada Theme causes images not to show up on live editor pages:

1/30/2019 – We have found that a recent update from Avada included an update for “Lazy Load” which is not compatible with OptimizePress version 2 and causes images on pages created with the live editor to not show up.

To fix the issue, please navigate to “Avada -> Theme Options -> Performance” and turn “off” the “Enable Lazy Load” feature.

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