Can't see Club templates or content

If you have joined the OptimizePress Club and do not see the Club content please follow the steps below:

1. If you have just purchased the Club, please logout of the members hub. 

2. Clear your cache, cookies and temporary files for your browser.  You should ensure you clear cache, cookies and temporary files, not just the cache.  

3. Login to the members hub again at

You should find you are now able to see the Club content by clicking the Club link in the menu at the top of the screen.  

If you purchased the Club using a different email

We do advise on the checkout that you should use your main OptimizePress account email at checkout to ensure the Club update is applied to your OP account.  If you didn't use the same email that we have on file (the one you use to login to OptimizePress) you will need to contact our support team to ask them to merge your accounts

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