No registered API keys Error

If you login to the members hub and you see no license keys on the licensing page or a message saying "No registered API keys" please follow this guide to fix this issue...

How to fix No Registered API Keys error

Usually this issue is simply a glitch with the caching of your API keys inside the members hub and there's a quick fix...

1.  First  clear your browser cache/cookies/temporary files.  You can find a guide on how to do this for your browser here: You should ensure that ALL caches are cleared including media cache in Chrome if you are using Chrome (you may need to check in the Advanced caching options)

2. Go to and  login  using the logins we provided at purchase.

You should find once you  login  with these details you should have full access to the  members  hub - and your API keys can be accessed by clicking the large green button or clicking the "License Your Site" link in the top navigation bar.

If you still have difficulties after completing these steps, please let our support team know and we'll investigate further.